The complete guide to the Master in Mathematics

Do you have a baccalaureate+3 in the field of maths ? Why not continue with the master. Diplomeo introduces you to the Master of Mathematics.


What is a master’s degree in mathematics ?

A master’s degree in mathematics is a high-level training that allows you to validate a bac+5 diploma and the master’s degree. The Master’s degree is prepared in two years at a university or engineering school. There are two types of masters:

  • research masters: with more theoretical courses and preparing for doctoral studies (bac+8) and research careers
  • professionalizing masters: with courses in applied mathematics in a specialized sector

Pro masters offer internship periods so that students can discover their future profession surrounded by professionals.

The program and subjects

The Master of Mathematics program varies according to the chosen path. Generally, the Master’s degree is professionalizing and contains courses in applied mathematics in a field such as engineering sciences or computer science, telecommunications, etc. Here is an example of the subjects likely to be on the program:

  • algorithmics and algebra
  • data structure and analysis
  • complex geometry
  • probability
  • statistics
  • modern languages
  • economy
  • numerical analysis
  • control and optimization of dynamic systems
  • computer coding
  • etc.

Admission to the Master’s degree in Mathematics

Candidates wishing to enter a master’s degree in mathematics must have obtained a recognised bac+3 diploma, such as a bachelor’s degree in maths.

The admission process depends on the school or university. Generally, it is necessary to send an application file with the required documents, pass written examinations and an oral motivation test before a jury of the institution.

Baccalaureate+5 opportunities in maths

Graduates of a Master’s degree in research continue their doctoral studies to prepare for research careers in mathematics. For students in Master Pro, they can either continue their studies by integrating an MBA or Master of Science, or start working.

There are many opportunities, depending on the background of the students. It is possible to work in: